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Grabicon makes it fast and easy to get high-quality favicons from any web site, in the size you want, instantly - even if that site doesn't provide an icon of its own. It can take several seconds to a retrieve a domain's favicon from scratch. We do the hard work in advance, so you get a high quality PNG image in milliseconds.

No Hassle, 30 Day Free Trial

Don't you hate free trials that make you choose a plan before you have a chance to figure out what you need? Grabicon makes it easy.

Start using our service, with almost no restrictions on features. A couple weeks before your trial ends, we'll let you know the lowest priced plan that meets your current needs, and why. You can make up your mind from there.

In the mean time, feel free to check out our pricing.

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We just need some basic info, including the domain where requests will be coming from. For mobile/native apps, name the primary website for your application.

Getting Started

Grabicon has only one endpoint:
And only a few parameters:
parameter required? example description
domain yes The domain whose favicon you want to display.
size no 32 The height and width of the icon to be returned. Grabicon will ensure all your icons are the size you requested, even if the website didn't originally have an icon of that size. The default is 32.
resize no true Defaults to "true". If set to "false", grabicon will return the largest available icon within the size you requested, but will not resize or add a border if a perfect size match isn't found.
origin no We need to know where requests are coming from. We try to gather this info from the Origin or Referer header(s), which are sent by all web browsers. But if you're using grabicon from a mobile or native application and you get a 400 error from us, you can manually specify an origin domain. The origin domain should be your app's primary web site.


The RubyCuts icon, 32 pixels. Since RubyCuts only has a 16 pixel icon available, we wrap it in a matching border to give you a consistent view from one icon to the next:

GitHub's icon, 32 pixels, in an HTML image tag:

<img src="">

If a domain doesn't have a favicon, we create a memorable default.


If you see an error code/image where you expected a valid icon, here's what it means:

Code/Image Explanation

Grabicon requests require an Origin or Referer header, which is normally sent automatically when a grabicon link is embedded in a web page. This helps us know who's using our service. For mobile/native applications where sending a header isn't as convenient, you can use the origin parameter described above.

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